Industrial Sewing

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The basic process of sewing involves fastening of fabrics, leather, furs or similar other flexible materials with the help of needle and threads. Sewing is mainly used to manufacture clothing and home furnishings. In fact, sewing is one of the important processes in apparel making. The production process, where sewers (Sewing Operator) stitch fabric pieces together and a garment is assembled.

Industrial Sewing

Although it seems to be a simple process, Industrial Sewing is quite a complex process involving many preparations and mathematical calculations for the perfect seam quality. Good quality sewing also depends on the sound technical knowledge that goes into Pattern Designing, Cutting in different Measurements & Making with high level of skill and experience Sewing Operator. The attention is equally focused on every Process to maintain high quality seam & Finished Garment.

A Industrial Sewing Machines technology is essential for a wide variety of product segments there are many Automatic and Semi-Automatic & Manual Sewing Machines.


  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch machines are used depending on the operation.
    • Normal Lock Stitch Machine.
    • With Under Bed Trimmer.
    • Lock Stitch With Edge Cutting Machine.
  2. Two Needle Lock Stitch Machines.
  3. 2/3 Needle Feed off the Arm.
  4. 1/ 2/ 3/ Multi Needle Chain Stitch Machine.
  5. 2/3/4/5/6 Thread Overlock Sewing Machines.
  6. 2/ 3/ 4 Needle Flatlock Machines – Flatbed and Cylinder Bed Type.
  7. Button Holing Machine.
  8. Button Sewing Machine.
  9. Zig-zag Sewing Machine.
Many more variety Machines Available depending on Material you what to stitch in different Brands.


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